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Free Downloadable 15 Minute Joseph Pilates Challenge Workout (3 of 4): Created Using The Drag & Drop Pilates Lesson Planner

The free downloadable Pilates lesson plan (see below) was created by one of our members using the Drag & Drop Pilates Lesson Planner. There are 100+ shared Pilates lesson plans within the planner. And new ones are added every week!

Joseph Pilates

15 Minutes

Free Download

15 Minute Joseph Pilates Class Plan 3 of 4 (long version PDF)

15 Minute Joseph Pilates Class Plan 3 of 4 (short version PDF)

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Drag & Drop Pilates Lesson Planner

Start creating your own pilates lesson plans with the Drag & Drop Pilates Lesson Planner.

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George Watts

Yoga & Pilates Teacher
This post was lovingly brought to you by pilates/yoga teacher, George Watts. If you have a couple of minutes spare, take a little peek at my Pilates Instructor Lesson Plan Kit.
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