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Finally, A Quick & Easy Way To Create Pilates Lesson Plans. Perfect For Pilates Teachers, Pilates Teacher Trainees, & Serious Pilates Students

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Endorsed and recommended by The Pilates Foundation

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Pilates Lesson Planner

Online Pilates Lesson Planner

Easy to use online Pilates Lesson Planner. There are 10,000+ Pilates exercises to choose from within 80+ categories. Creating a Pilates lesson plan has never been so easy. Endorsed and recommended by The Pilates Foundation.

Online Pilates Lesson Planner Features

The Pilate Lesson Planner comes with these 22 fab features...

Short Version Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a short version lesson plan which is ideal for taking into class with you.

Long Version Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a long version lesson plan which is a great handout to give to your students. They’re also ideal for creating the detailed plans needed during Pilates teacher training.


Stream Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a video stream which is ideal to give to students so they can practice at home.

Easy Practice Management

You can save, copy, download, edit, print or e-mail lesson plans any time across any device.

83 Pilates Categories

There are 83 pilates categories to choose from. This variety allows you to be infinitely creative with your plans.

Flexible Plan Layouts

The layout of the lesson plans are as flexible as a Pilates teacher. You choose what to include in your lesson plans.

Add Bespoke Exercises

If you want to add your own exercises to the Pilates Lesson Planner, you can. 

Student Management System

The Lesson Planner has a Student Management System. You’ll be able to securely store and easily manage all your lesson plans for each student.

2,000 Pilates Lesson Plans

You’ll have access to a community of Pilates teachers who have shared 2K+ pilates lesson plans. Download free pilates lesson plans here.

Drag & Drop Technology

You can create pilates lesson plans effortlessly with our time-saving drag & drop technology.


1000+ Pre-filled Exercise Descriptions

You’ll have access to 1000+ pre-filled and editable pilates exercises. Or add your own teaching steps.

One Click Pilates Sequences

Click Ask Genie and an advanced pilates sequencing algorithm will instantly create a pilates lesson plan for you.

Getting Started Steps

We’ve got you covered (even if you hardly know how to turn a computer on) with our video tutorial suite.

Quick PDF Downloads

You can quickly and easily download yoga lesson plans as PDFs. Or take your device to class and view online.

Access New exercises

Each week new pilates poses are added to the Pilates Lesson Planner. You will receive access to them all.

Pilates Exercise Cards

As a bonus, you’ll have access to 100’s of printable Pilates Exercise Cards (5 Minute Pilates Challenge). Eye-catching handouts that your students will love.


Copy Lesson Plans

Click the “Copy” button to copy a lesson plan. This is a huge time-saver if you’re planning a 6 week course.

Mobile, Tablet & iPhone Friendly

You’ll be able to create and view pilates lesson plans on all your devices including mobile, tablet, and iPad. 

Request An Exercise

Request new exercises to George and he’ll add them to the Pilates Lesson Planner for you within 24 hours.

Create Courses

You’ll be able to organise your lesson plans into courses. 

Merge Lesson Plans

If you want to merge multiple lesson plans into one plan, you can by clicking the “Merge Plans” button.


500+ Exercise Cues

Quickly and easily add cues to each pose (e.g. repeat x2, inhale, exhale,  switch sides).

Exercise Suggestions

Click on an exercise and you’ll see suggestions for preparation, follow up and counter exercises.

Pilates Marketing Kit

Bonus For Joining Today

The Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit is a bonus within the Pilates Lesson Planner. The Kit has hundreds of Pilates teacher marketing tips, tools & templates to help build and grow a successful Pilates business.

Tracey Timms

Primary teacher, SENCO teacher, Pilates teacher, Sports Science BSc, Oxfordshire, UK, TheCoreZone.co.uk, The Pilates lesson planner is a fantastic tool  to create quick & easy lessons. It is easy to use & has drawings to compliment each move as well as outlying the benefits of the pose. George is brilliant at communicating and is super fast at responding to new poses or queries that you may have.  I would highly recommend this teaching tool.

Mia C. Trevillion-Barney

Certified Personal trainer & Group fitness instructor, Houston, USA GrooveBounceFun.com “Thanks for the 5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game. They are fabulous!”


Pilates Instructor, USA

“LOVING this program (membership) and your customer support is tops.”

Claire Hecquet

Pilates Instructor, UK

“I am so glad that I found George Watts website. The lesson planner has made the lesson planning for my Pilates classes so much easier to plan ahead. I can plan now in less time. I used to waste so much time lesson planning it could be hours even days sometimes, whereas this type of planning is so straight forward, such an easy system to use. Just drag and drop on the images you want to use. You can move them around in just one click. Plus it has loads of info you can use or edit for personal use, or you can use other lesson plans (created by Pilates teachers) and print them out for yourself and your clients. I love it. It’s so easy to use. If I can do it anyone can do it. George is always there to help. He responds quickly to emails which is a big ✔️ from me. :)”

“Yes George, I'd Like To Join Today & Receive The Pilates Teacher Business Kit, Pilates Lesson Planner, And All The Bonuses. I Feel Warm Inside Knowing That My Membership Will Never Go Up In Price."

George Watts

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