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About Us

The Pilates Lesson Planner was created in 2015 by Pilates teachers for Pilates teachers. And is endorsed by The Pilates Foundation

Every week, members of the Pilates Lesson Planner send us requests for new Pilates exercises. And we’re constantly updating the planner.

There are now 1000+ Pilates exercises in the following categories: Joseph Pilates exercises, Arc exercises, Cadillac exercises, Foam Roller exercises, Magic Circle exercises, Matwork, Mini Ball exercises, Reformer exercises, Relaxation exercises, Resistant Band exercises, Swiss Ball exercises, and Wobble Cushion exercises.

If you’re not ready to join us, I hope you enjoy our blog. It has lots of free resources for Pilates teachers, including: Pilates business tips, downloadable Pilates lesson plans, and downloadable Pilates exercise cards

George Watts