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Pilates Flyer Templates

A Simple A4 Flyer Is Still The Bread & Butter Marketing Strategy For Most Successful Pilates Teachers, And For Good Reason, Because It Works Like A Charm. Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Create An Eye-Catching Pilates Flyer.

Use a pilates flyer template available within the Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit to attract new students to your pilates classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats. An eye-catching, professional looking pilates flyer could double your income this year.

Step 1
Edit A Flyer

Create a flyer for your service (e.g. private pilates sessions) and print enough for all your students. There are dozens of pilates flyer templates within the Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit that you can edit.

Step 2
Class Announcement

At the beginning of your next class briefly mention: “I have a special offer at the moment for the next 6 week pilates course. If you’re interested, please pick up a flyer from the table on the way out.” I also go one step further and ask my students if they can take several of the flyers to give to friends/family, and next time they go to their hair dressers, could they take a flyer and ask the owner to put it up near the counter. This takes a bit of courage to ask (most of us aren’t very good at that), but you’ll find that most of your students will fall over themselves to help you (especially if they’ve been coming to your classes for a long time).

Step 3
Reminder Announcement

At the end of the class, remind them about the handout.

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