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Free Downloadable Pilates Foam Roller Class Plan With An Improve Posture Challenge Theme: Created Using The Pilates Lesson Planner

Foam Roller Pilates Lesson Plan

The free downloadable Pilates foam roller class plan (see below) was created by one of our members using the Drag & Drop Pilates Lesson Planner. There are 10,000+ shared Pilates lesson plans within the planner. And new ones are added every week!

Free Downloadable Foam Roller Class Plan

Foam Roller Class Plan: 60 Minute Improve Posture Challenge (long version PDF)

Foam Roller Class Plan: 60 Minute Improve Posture Challenge (short version PDF)

Foam Roller Class Plan: 60 Minute Improve Posture Challenge (stream version)

Pilates Foam Roller Exercises

Below are some of the exercises within the Pilates Foam Roller Class Plan…

Ab Crunches Foam Roller

Boat Foam Roller

Hip Releases Foam Roller

ITB Stretch Foam Roller

Improve Posture Class Theme 

In this Foam Roller lesson plan (that you downloaded above), the class theme is “60 Minute Improve Posture Challenge”. Improving posture is a subject I’m extremely passionate about because it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the quality of someone’s life.

A Foam Roller is a wondrous bit of Pilates Exercise Equipment to help you get an increased range of movement.

This can be in assisting mobility exercises or using direct pressure and getting feedback where the tight bits are. To move efficiently, and remain injury and pain-free, you need to have good stability through your trunk. One of the main benefits of the Foam Roller is to give an unstable surface to challenge your stability, which improves core control.

Lying on the Foam Roller means you have to work harder through your core to keep your body stable in a neutral position. Another great benefit of Foam Roller exercises is that it is one of the best ways to improve your posture.

When you sit for a long time you will become stiff through your thoracic spine and tight through the front of your shoulders. Use the foam roller to help reduce the effects of “sitting”. This improved posture also instantly makes you feel better – happy endorphins are released into your bloodstream when your posture opens up.

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