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Joseph Pilates Exercise Chart Artwork


JOSEPH PILATES Exercises Chart Digital Download. Includes all 34 exercises. JPG file type. Pilates Studio Decor. Gift For Pilates Enthusiasts. Pilates Workout Printable Poster. Print it and frame it yourself. This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD FILE. No physical product will be sent. You’ll be emailed an invoice/order confirmation with a clickable link for the download. 

JOSEPH PILATES Exercise Chart Digital Download, Pilates Studio Decor, Gift For Pilates Enthusiasts, Pilates Workout Printable Poster

Hi, my name is George Watts. 

George WattsThat's me over there in Pilates stick figure form. 

I’m a full-time Pilates teacher, creator of the online Pilates Lesson Planner and this Joseph Pilates Printable Exercise Chart (a.k.a. Poster). 

I created the exercise chart because, hey, I love exercise charts. I have a bit of an addiction to them. Each of the exercises looks like a polaroid photo which adds a bit of visual fun (polaroid + stick figure = fun)



How It Works In 3 Steps

  1. After checkout, you will be emailed an invoice/order confirmation with a clickable link for the download. 
  2. Print it
  3. Frame it (optional) 


What is the file size and DPI?

A4 Size (900 x 1260 pixels at 300 dpi). If you want to get a bigger or different size or any other special requests - feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to send you a custom file for NO EXTRA COST.

How do I print it? 

There are 3 ways to print the poster:

1. Print from home using your home printer
2. Upload your files to an online shop
3. Email your files to a local print store

The colours may vary slightly due to colours represented differently on different computer screens.

Can I give the exercise chart to my students as a class handout?

Yes, because I would deem that of "personal use". Please don't give it to anyone else.  

What can I do with this exercise chart?

You can use it for yourself, or you can give it to your students as a handout. You could also use it on your website, blog posts, or for any other creative purpose. The only thing you can't do is resell them. I retain all rights.

Can I print and give the chart to my students as handouts? 

Yes. Giving you permission to print and give them to your students is a "commercial license" (I trust that you will only give the poster to your students, and not anyone else). 

What is a JPG file?

A JPG or JPEG file (both pronounced "jay-peg") is an image file. It is the most popular digital format for images. 

How much room do I need on my computer (device)?

Not a lot. The JPG image file is only 3 Mb. 

Can I resell it? 


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George Watts
Creator of the Online Pilates Lesson Planner

Pilates teacher

George Watts

P.S.  I love chatting with my fellow Pilates teachers, so if you have any questions please contact me.

P.P.S.  If you're a busy Pilates teacher, you might like my Online Pilates Lesson Planner

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