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Pilates Teacher Brochure Templates Pack


This is an “instant download” product (no product to ship). If you’re busy, like most Pilates teachers, you probably don’t have the time to create persuasive, eye-catching brochures. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes editing one or more of our templates with your name, class details and bio. You’ll be emailed an invoice/order confirmation with a clickable link for the download. 

Pilates Teacher Brochure Templates Pack

6 Pilates Teacher Brochure PSD Templates
Blue, Orange, Grey, Turquoise, Pink & Green
Created By Pilates Teacher, George Watts

Pilates Brochure PSD Template Pack

Hi, my name is George Watts. 

George WattsI’m a full-time Pilates teacher and creator of the Pilates Teacher Brochure Pack.

I created these resources to help promote my own Pilates business.

If you're busy, like most Pilates teachers, you probably don't have the time to create persuasive, eye-catching brochures. With these templates, all you have to do is spend 5 minutes editing one or more of the templates with your name, class details, etc. 

It's easy.

It's effortless.

And it's enjoyable.

Yep, I did say "enjoyable".  

You'll enjoy the feeling of quickly editing the templates knowing you just saved yourself lots of precious time. Knowing you have a collection of Pilates brochures, created by a fellow Pilates teacher, at your fingertips will also bring that wondrous thing called peace of mind.

Do What Circuses Do And Put Up Brochures!

When a Circus comes to town, you can bet your house that they put brochures up days or weeks before they arrived.


Putting up brochures (e.g. in shop windows) is proven to double or triple ticket sales for a circus, and it can do the same for your Pilates classes. Distributing one of these bold, eye-catching brochures can work wonders for your business. 

Everything is editable within the brochure, including the text within the logos. 

You'll receive the following Pilates brochure templates...

Blue Pilates Brochure
PSD Format

Blue Pilates Teacher Brochure Template

Green Pilates Brochure
PSD Format

Green Pilates Teacher Brochure Template

Grey Pilates Brochure
PSD Format

Grey Pilates Teacher Brochure Template

Orange Pilates Brochure
PSD Format

Orange Pilates Teacher Brochure Template

Pinky-Red Pilates Brochure
PSD Format

Pink Pilates Teacher Brochure Template

Turquoise Pilates Brochure
PSD Format

Turquoise Pilates Teacher Brochure Template


What photo editing software will I need to use? 

The 6 brochures are in PSD format. That means you'll need to use an image editing tool such as photoshop, photoshop elements, Pixelmator, etc.

What is a PSD file?

A PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe PhotoShop Software (and other software that accepts PSD files). PSD, which stands for Photoshop Document, is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving data. PSD is a proprietary file that allows the user to work with the images individual layers even after the file has been saved.

Is the logo text editable?

Yes. Everything is editable within the brochure, including the text within the logos.

Can I use my own logo?

Yes. You can upload your own logo to use within the templates. 

What should I do with my brochures to get more students to come to my classes?

Leaving a few brochures at local businesses is a very effective way of getting more students to your classes.

You can put your brochures at the following places (places where your prime prospects hang out)...

  • Athletic Clubs
  • Bookstores
  • Cafes
  • Golf Courses (in the Pro shop)
  • Hair Dressers
  • Football Clubs
  • Local Businesses
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Sports Shops
  • Vegetarian Cafés

What's your top-secret marketing tip? 

At the end of one of your Pilates classes, give three brochures to each student and say something like:

"To keep the cost of this class as low as possible I don't pay for advertising. Instead, I rely 100% on referrals. Can I be a bit cheeky and ask a really big favour? Please can you give a brochure to your three best friends?"

People love the opportunity to help others, especially their excellent Pilates teacher!

So, don't be afraid to ask for the help of your students.

If you have 15 people in your class and 10 of them give the flyers to 3 friends, that's 30 hot prospects. Approximately 5 of those prospects will become students. Five students are worth £1,4000 per year to your Pilates business. 

Here's the math...

£7 a class x 40 classes a year x 5 students = £1,400.

That's pretty good going for simply printing out a few flyers and asking a cheeky favour.

How much room on my computer do I need for the flyers?

Not a lot. The zipped file is only 2 Mb.

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George Watts
Creator of the Pilates Teacher Brochure Templates Pack

Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher, & former business consultant

George Watts in Downward Facing Dog

P.S.  I love chatting with my fellow Pilates teachers, so if you have any questions please contact me.

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