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Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit

What If You Were A Pilates Teacher And Paid A Small Fortune To Go To Business School For 4 Years. And Then Spent 100+ Hours Creating Loads Of Pilates Marketing Tips, Tools & Templates? You’d Be Exhausted. That’s Why I’ve Done All That For You!

pilates marketing kit

Tested, tweaked & endorsed by the

Pilates Foundation

George Watts


My name is George Watts. I’m a Yoga and Pilates teacher, creator of the Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit and former business consultant. 

I created the Kit for myself and would now like to share it with other pilates teachers. It’s taken me hundreds of hours to compile it

It is endorsed by the Pilates Foundation, and has morphed into the largest collection of Pilates instructor marketing tips, tools and templates on the web.

With this Kit you get all the marketing tips, tools and templates you need to fast track your pilates business success.

The Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit includes: 

  • Pilates Marketing Plan
  • Pilates Business Plan
  • Pilates Brochure Templates
  • Pilates Poster/Flyer Templates
  • Pilates Logo Collection
  • Pilates Letterhead Templates
  • Pilates Classified Advert Templates
  • Pilates Invoice Templates
  • Pilates Coupon Templates
  • Pilates Instructor Student Questionnaires
  • Student Attendance Forms
  • Student Feedback Form
  • Student Folder Cover
  • And Much More!

All the resources are designed to help grow your pilates business.  

There’s no theory here.

There’s no padded fluff.

Everything in the Kit has gone through multiple tweaks, tests and trials alongside the Pilates Foundation, so you’ll notice the quality immediately.

Imagine going to business school for 4 years and spending 100’s of hours learning business and marketing. That would be rather useful for your business.  

Well, that’s what I did.  

I graduated with a business degree in 1999. 

I spent 4 years of my life learning about marketing so you don’t have to.  All you have to do is use the tips, tools and templates in the Kit.

The Kit Resources Include…

101 Pilates Instructor Marketing Tactics

Pilates Instructor Marketing Tactics


The main resource in the Kit is the proven pilates marketing plan with 101 pilates instructor marketing tactics.

Ask any successful business owner how important marketing is and they’ll say…

“Marketing Is The Most Important
Part Of A Business

If you fail to market your Pilates business, there is very little chance you’ll have a waiting list of eager prospects wanting to join your class, have one to one sessions with you or go to any of your Pilates workshops.

Having only a handful of students come to your Pilates classes is not sustainable financially or emotionally.

It’s hard not to think that you’re a useless Pilates teacher when only a handful of people come to your classes.  The truth is that you’re probably a very good pilates teacher.  You’re just useless at marketing!

You’re useless at marketing because you haven’t been trained and don’t have the right tools and templates. 

Think about it…

As a Pilates teacher, you’ve probably gone through a 200-hour training program and have several pilates tools such as mats, straps, blankets, calming background music, etc. 

But what pilates business training have you gone through?  What pilates business tools do you have?

If you’re like 95% of pilates teachers, you’ve probably had little or no business training and the only business tool you have is an old flyer/poster that you created on your computer years ago that doesn’t look very good.

Getting Your Pilates Teacher Hands On This Kit
Is Like Getting A 4 Year Marketing Degree In 4 Hours!

You can think of The Pilates Teacher Marketing Kit as a marketing crash course.  Getting your hands on this Kit is like getting a marketing degree in 4 hours.

You don’t need to be the best Pilates teacher in the World. I can’t help you become a better Pilates teacher, but with this Kit, you’ll effortlessly become one of the best at marketing a Pilates business.

Though, of course, you’ll need to take action. That means you’ll need to get off your gluteals and take action on the marketing strategies.

The Pilates Marketing Plan includes…

  • 101 Proven Pilates Marketing Strategies – Many Of Which Can Be Completed In Under 10 Minutes
  • The Most Important “Prospects” And Where To Find Them.
  • How to Write Articles That Get Published In Papers & Magazines
  • 21 Free Places Online to Advertise Your Pilates Business
  • The One Marketing Strategy That Will Blow Your Socks Off
  • How To Double Your Business By Sending This Email
  • How to Use Google Groups To Get More Business
  • How To Find a Book Keeper for Free
  • Why This National Business Club Is A Gold Mine For You
  • How To Ethically Bribe Your Students
  • Easily Editable Pilates Instructor Classified Advert
  • Why Donation Classes Are  A Great Way To Attract New Students
  • How To Set Up An e-Newsletter For Free In 18 Minutes
  • 3 Magazine/Blog article Templates That You Can Easily Edit
  • Top 3 Proven Places To Distribute Your Flyers
  • How To Leave Footprints On The Web To Attract New Students
  • The #1 Secret Method To Get An Avalanche Of Referrals
  • Why Your Local Directory Could Be Your Best Friend
  • How To Network Your Way To A Client Waiting List
  • How To Get Other Business Owners To Give You Their Clients
  • How To Ask And Get Referrals From Your Clients
  • Why These Schools Are A Gold Mine For You
  • How To Use Social Media To Get More Business
  • What Special Offers to use and which one to Avoid at all Costs
  • How to Approach Local Sports Clubs To Get More Business
  • How And Why To Give Talks For Free
  • How to Ask For And Get Testimonials
  • How To Easily Create A 60 Second Pilates Video For Youtube
  • The Money Map – The Most Important Resource In The Entire Kit
  • And Much More!

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Bonus 1
Pilates Instructor Business Plan
Valued at £97

Pilates Instructor Business Plan

When you purchase the Kit, you’ll also receive a concise, easy to use 22-page pilates teacher business plan.

Table Of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Mission
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Key Performance Indicators
1.4 Action Plan
2.0 Company Summary
2.1 Company Ownership
2.2 Key Personnel
2.3 Opening Times
3.0 Products and Services
4.0 Market Analysis Summary
4.1 Market Segmentation
4.2 Market Segmentation
4.3 Service Business Analysis
4.4 Competition
4.5 Purchase Decisions
4.6 Marketing Mix
5.0 Finances
5.1 Start-up Costs
5.2 Balance Sheet Forecast
5.3 Profit & Loss Forecast

It’s Not Rocket Science

Most pilates teachers think a business plan is a waste of time.

That’s why most of them quit within 3 years of attaining their certification. The #1 reason why a business fails is that they don’t have a business plan.

A business plan will give you peace of mind and confidence for the future.

A business without a business plan is like a ship without a rudder.

A business plan provides direction for your dreams and goals.

A business plan provides speed! It will get you to your end destination quicker than if you didn’t have one.

OK, time for an example…

Let’s say that you want to have 25 students in each of your 6 Pilates classes, have 5 one-to-one sessions a week, and host 2 Pilates retreats a year. Once you put those goals in writing (in your business plan), the odds of you achieving them skyrocket.

In 1979, interviewers asked new graduates from Harvard’s MBA Program and found that:

  • 84% had no specific goals at all
  • 13% had goals but they were not committed to paper
  • 3% had written goals and plans to accomplish them

In 1989, the interviewers again interviewed the graduates of that class.

You can guess the results…

The 13% of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all.

Even more staggering – the 3% who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97% put together.

Once you start writing your business plan, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get started.

Bonus 2
21 Pilates Instructor Flyer Templates
Valued at £97

Pilates Instructor Flyer Collection

Do What Circuses Do And Put Up Flyers!

When a Circus comes to town, you can bet your house that they put flyers up days or weeks before they arrived.


Because it’s proven to double or triple ticket sales. Well, distributing one of these bold, eye-catching flyers can work wonders for your Pilates business.

This bonus includes the following flyers…

  • 4 A4 pilates teacher flyer templates
  • 2 A5 pilates teacher flyer templates
  • 5 A4 pilates teacher Christmas flyer templates
  • 10 A4 pilates teacher niche flyer templates

Six A4 Pilates Flyer Templates
In Microsoft Word

A4 Pilates Flyer Templates

Plus All These Pilates Class Flyer Templates…

Pilates For Rugby Players Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Rugby Players Pilates Class Flyer

I recommend visiting all the rugby clubs in your area and asking them to put up this flyer.

If just one of the rugby clubs is interested, that means a lot of business for you.

Pilates For Runners Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Runners Pilates Class Flyer

I recommend visiting all the running clubs in your area and asking them to put up this flyer.

If just one of the running clubs is interested, that means a lot of business for you.

Pilates For Sciatica Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Sciatica Pilates Class Flyer

This is a great poster to put up because so many people have sciatica or think they have it.

Pilates For Golfers Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Golfers Pilates Class Flyer

I recommend visiting all the golf clubs in your area and asking them to put up this flyer.

I’m a professional golfer and know a secret…most golfers have bad backs! That means they are your target market. Golfers also have disposable income which means paying for regular pilates classes is not a problem.

The average golf club has 300 members. That’s a lot of potential new clients for your business!

Pilates For Football Players Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Football Teams Yoga Class Flyer

I recommend visiting all the football clubs in your area and asking them to put up this flyer.

If just one football club is interested, that means a lot of business for you.

Pilates For Teachers Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Stressed Teachers Pilates Class Flyer

I recommend visiting all the schools, colleges and universities in your area and asking them to put up this flyer.

If just one school, college or university is interested, your business could easily double in size.

Pilates For County Council Workers Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

County Council Pilates Class Flyer

I recommend visiting your local County Council office and putting up several of these posters.

Corporate Pilates Flyer Template
In Microsoft Word

Corporate Pilates Class Flyer

I recommend visiting all the local businesses in your area and asking them to put up this flyer. 

Most employees and owners have sedentary roles and disposable income. That means they could do with coming to a pilates class.

A5 Pilates Flyer Package
3 Flyers In Microsoft Word

A5 Pilates Flyer Templates

The A5 size is great for shops that only put up smaller flyers.

Christmas Pilates Flyer Package
5 Flyers In Microsoft Word

Pilates Christmas Flyer Templates

For most businesses, Christmas is a crucial time. It’s the same for your pilates business. The absolute very best time to advertise your business is during Christmas!

Just think of all those New Year Resolutions floating around during Christmas and New Year. ‘Treating myself to a pilates class to get in shape” will be on many of those New Year Resolution lists.

That’s why you’ll love these Christmas Pilates Flyer Templates.

Bonus 3
Pilates  Instructor Classified Advert Template
Valued at £29

Pilates Classifed Advert Template

You can use the classified advert template either as an A5 pilates flyer/poster or as an advert. We recommend you put this advert in your Local What’s On magazine.

Bonus 4
Pilates Instructor Brochure Templates
In Microsoft Word
Valued at £49


Don’t spend a fortune having Pilates Brochures designed for you. Instead, save time and money by using these Tried & Tested Pilates Brochures.

The blue brochure is in PSD format and the black brochure is a word document.   

Leaving a few brochures at local businesses and organisations is an effective way of getting more clients to your business.

Each of these brochures took me approximately 8 hours to design. But all you have to do is spend 5 minutes editing them with your name and contact details.

Bonus 5
6 Pilates Instructor Brochure Templates
(Blue, Orange, Grey, Turquoise, Pink & Green)
In PSD Format
Valued at £49


If you’re pretty handy using photo editing software (e.g. photoshop elements), I’ve included 6 templates for you in Blue, Orange, Grey, Turquoise, Pink and Green.

Bonus 6
3 Pilates Instructor Prospecting Letters
Valued at £49


You’ll receive three prospecting letter templates that are guaranteed to get you more business!

While other pilates teachers struggle to get enough business to survive, you will be able to thrive just by editing and posting these letters to rugby clubs, football clubs, schools, etc in your local area (or you can simply copy and paste the words into an email). 

I, however, recommend you post these prospecting letters as it’s proven to convert prospects better than sending emails.

Bonus 7
15 Pilates Instructor Letterhead Templates
Valued at £49


If you want to look professional when sending letters to prospects or clients, you really must have an attractive letterhead.

With this bonus, you get to choose from 15 eye-catching, attractive pilates teacher letterheads.

Bonus 8
Pilates Instructor Invoice Template
Valued at £19


If you need to send an invoice, make sure you send a professional-looking one. With this bonus, you’ll receive a professional, eye-catching pilates teacher invoice.

Bonus 9
Pilates Instructor Coupon Templates Collection
Valued at £19

Pilates Class Coupon Templates

Everyone loves coupons!

The coupon templates include…

  • Birthday Coupon
  • Christmas Coupon
  • Daughter’s Day Coupon
  • Father’s Day Coupon
  • Friend’s Day Coupon
  • Mother’s Day Coupon
  • Son’s Day Coupon

I know there’s no such thing as Son, Daughter or Friend’s day, but who cares.

I made them up for a bit of fun. 

You can charge for the Coupons, or ask your students to give them to their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends. You’ll be amazed at how great this works at attracting new students. 

Bonus 10
The Really Easy Pilates Instructor
Bookkeeping Kit
Valued at £49

Pilates Bookkeeing System

This Bookkeeping Kit was created specifically for Pilates teachers.  There isn’t a single spreadsheet. There are only MS Word documents.

And it’s really easy to use.

Once you have this simple bookkeeping system, you’ll never worry about your accounts again. Ever!

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Stuff to get
  • How to Use The Bookkeeping Kit
  • My Accounts Document
  • Receipt Book
  • Outgoings Sheet
  • Mileage Sheet
  • Travel Expenses Sheet
  • Monthly Sales Sheet
  • Income Statement (P&L Sheet)
  • Current Year Organiser
  • Year-End Accounts Folder
  • Step by Step Procedure
  • Appendix
  • Self-Employed Tax Tips
  • Web Resources

Bonus 11
Pilates Instructor

Student Questionnaire
Valued at £19

pilates questionaire

This Pilates Teacher Student Questionnaire Template was created by a pilates teacher.

It has an eye-catching, attractive layout and asks all the important questions you need to know from your students. Instead of wasting time creating one yourself, we’ve done it for you.

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