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Pilates Stick Figure Kit


Pilates Stick Figure Kit


Largest collection of premium quality, royalty-free yoga stick figures on the web. Includes 700+ Pilates stick figures in JPG Format.

George WattsHi, my name is George Watts.

That's me over there in stick figure form.

I'm a Pilates teacher and creator of The Pilates Stick Figure Kit which has over 700 premium quality pilates stick figures. It's by far the largest collection of premium quality pilates stick figures on the web.

It's taken us 10+ years to create them all. They aren't available anywhere else. They were designed for our online Pilates Lesson Planner.

You can view all 700+ exercises by clicking on the links below...

  1. Arc Exercises
  2. Cadillac Exercises
  3. Chair Pilates Exercises
  4. Dumbbell Exercises
  5. Foam Roller Exercises
  6. Jump Board Reformer Exercises
  7. Magic Circle Exercises
  8. Matwork Pilates Exercises
  9. Miniball Exercises
  10. Reformer Exercises
  11. Resistant Band Exercises
  12. Springboard Exercises
  13. Swiss Ball Exercises
  14. TRX Exercises
  15. Wobble Cushion Exercises
  16. Wunda Chair Exercises

"Instead of the Pilates stick figure collection gathering dust on my hard-drive, I'm offering them for a limited time to my fellow pilates teachers."

And yes...

You're right.

I'm a wee bit obsessive about pilates stick figures. The thing is, I can't help myself. It's my guilty pleasure. I love them!

"There are over 700 Pilates stick figures in this collection.That means if you paid £5 per stick figure (a very reasonable price), you'd have to pay more than £3,600.00." 

Over £3,600 is what it has cost me to get all the 700+ pilates stick figures morphed into reality over the past 10+ years.  

But you're not going to pay anywhere near that.

You're not going to pay £1,000.

You're not going to pay £500.

You're not going to pay £200.

"For a limited time I'm giving away all 700+ pilates stick figures for only £97 (approximately $119). That, by any stretch of the imagination (forgive the pilates pun), is a humdinger of a bargain."


"I was searching for some decent stick figures (I am not blessed with great drawing skills myself) to help me produce some work for my teacher training course. I found George's website and his very useful yoga teaching tools, including the stick figure kit which was exactly what I had been looking for. An extremely useful tool if you are teaching classes." 

~ Hannah Brown 

"Just downloaded your Stick Figures. So much awesomeness. Bless you!"

~ Zara Watkins 


"How many categories of Pilates stick figures are there?"

There are 700+ Pilates exercises in the following 18 categories: Arc Exercises, Cadillac Exercises, Chair Pilates Exercises, Dumbbell Exercises, Foam Roller Exercises, Jump Board Reformer Exercises, Magic Circle Exercises, Matwork Pilates Exercises, Miniball Exercises, Reformer Exercises, Resistant Band Exercises, Springboard Exercises, Swiss Ball Exercises, TRX Exercises, Wobble Cushion Exercises, and Wunda Chair. Exercises

"How soon until I receive the stick figures?" 

You'll be emailed an invoice/order confirmation with a clickable link to download the stick figures.

"Will I receive all the new stick figures you add to the Kit after I've purchased them?" 


I've put all the Pilates stick figures in a OneDrive folder on my desktop. Every time I add a new exercise to our online Pilates Lesson Planner, I also add the stick figure to that OneDrive folder. When you purchase the Pilates Stick Figure Kit, you get direct access to that folder for the rest of your life. So, that means the Pilates Stick Figure Kit is an investment in your Pilates business that keeps on giving well after your initial payment. I recommend downloading the updated Kit once every 6 months.

"What can I do with the stick figures?" 

You can use them to create your own bespoke logo. Hmmm, that's pretty obvious. You could also use them on your web pages, blog posts, class handouts, teacher trainer manual, book, or for any other creative purpose.

"Who created the stick figures?" 

Since 2010 George has had two graphic designers on his team creating all the pilates stick figures. It's taken them 100's hours and cost him over £3,600. 

"Are the images royalty-free?"


You can use the stick figures for personal use (e.g. creating pilates sequences, handouts, flyers/posters, blog post articles, logos, etc). You can also use them for commercial use (e.g. in a Pilates school manual, a Pilates book that you’re going to sell on Amazon, etc). The only thing you can't do is resell the stick figures because that would be stealing. 

"How much room on my computer do I need?"

Actually, not a huge amount. It adds up to about 35 Mb.

"What photo editing software will I need to use?"

The 700+ pilates stick figures are in JPG format. That means you can open them up in any photo editing software, such as photoshop, photoshop elements, Pixelmator, etc.

"What is a JPG file?"

A JPG or JPEG file (both pronounced "jay-peg") is an image file. It is the most popular digital format for images. 

"Can I upload one or more of the stick figures to the brochure templates within your Pilates Teacher Brochure Collection and Pilates Teacher Flyer Templates Collection?"

Yes, you can upload stick figures to a brochure within my Pilates Teacher Brochure Templates Collection, and also upload them to a flyer within my Pilates Teacher Flyer Templates Collection.

Psst. Here's a quick marketing tip for you. If you get my Pilates Teacher Flyer Templates Collection or Pilates Teacher Brochure Templates Collection, you can put your flyers/brochures at the following places where your prime prospects hang out...

  • Athletic Clubs
  • Bookstores
  • Cafes
  • Golf Courses (in the Pro shop)
  • Hair Dressers
  • Football Clubs
  • Local Businesses
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Sports Shops
  • Vegetarian Cafés

"What's your top-secret Pilates teacher marketing tip?"

At the end of one of your Pilates classes, give three Brochures (or Flyers) to each student and say something like:

"To keep the cost of this class as low as possible I don't pay for advertising. Instead, I rely 100% on referrals. Can I be a bit cheeky and ask a really big favour? Please can you give a brochure to your three best friends?"

People love the opportunity to help others, especially their excellent Pilates teacher! So, don't be afraid to ask for the help of your students. If you have 15 people in your class and 10 of them give the Brochures (or Flyers) to 3 friends, that's 30 hot prospects. Approximately 5 of those prospects will become students. Five students are worth £1,4000 per year to your Pilates business. 

Here's the math...

£7 a class x 40 classes a year x 5 students = £1,400.

£1,400 is pretty good for printing out a few flyers and asking a cheeky favour.


Special Offer

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George Watts
Creator of the Pilates Stick Figure Kit

Pilates Teacher

George Watts

P.S.  I love chatting with my fellow Pilates teachers, so if you have any questions please contact me.

P.P. S.  If you like my Pilates stick figures, you'll love my online Pilates Lesson Planner.