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5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game


This is an “instant download” product (no product to ship). The 5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game™ has 200+ Pilates downloadable/printable exercise cards to help make practising Pilates more engaging for your students. You can use the cards as teaching aids, visual handouts for your students or templates for your own card-themed handouts. You’ll be emailed an invoice/order confirmation with a clickable link for the download.

 5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game

200+ Downloadable/Printable Pilates Exercise Cards (like the one below) To Help Make Practising Pilates At Home More Engaging For Your Students

Roll Up Pilates Exercise Card

Hi, my name is George Watts. 

George WattsI’m a full-time Pilates/Yoga teacher and creator of the 5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game™.

The 5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game™ has 200+ downloadable/printable A4 Pilates exercise cards to help make practising Pilates more engaging for your students.

You can use the cards as teaching aids and visual handouts for your students. And the really good news is that you can edit each one of the 200+ cards, and add your own cards if you want to. Each card took me approximately 1 hour to create, so 200+ hours of work have gone into creating them. 

200+ Pilates Exercises In The Following Categories

  • Classic Joseph Pilates
  • Arc
  • Cadillac
  • Foam Roller
  • Magic Circle
  • Reformer

The cards work best when used with the Pilates Practice Tracker (which is included with the cards). 

The holy grail for all Pilates teachers is for their students to do daily Pilates practice at home. The sad reality is that the “daily practice” is about as rare a phenomenon as blue carrots. This is why I created the “Pilates Practice Tracker” for you (and me!). 

The Pilates Practice Tracker game will turn hard-to-follow, disciplined daily Pilates practice into a fun game. It’s the best Pilates invention since sliced Pilates bread.

Just in case you're interested, below are the 5 steps to play the Pilates Practice Tracker game (though all will be explained to you on the other side when you've made your purchase). 

Step 1
Give Students A Folder

If you want to go the extra mile, get the fancy presentation ring binders so you can insert a cover with your student’s name and your Pilates class details (Pssst, I’ve included a cover template for you 'cause I'm nice like that). The folder will act as a GIGANTIC BUSINESS CARD and your students will feel a real sense of ownership towards your class. After all, they now have a sleek folder with their name on the front of it. And it’s not even their birthday! 

Step 2

Print out the “Pilates Practice Tracker” cover. Ask your students to place it in the front of their sleek, new presentation ring binders.

Step 3
Best Game Ever

Within seconds of handing out the “Pilates Practice Tracker”, say with feeling and great gusto something like: “The reason why this Pilates Practice Tracker is the best game ever invented is that it will turn a daily Pilates practice from a difficult discipline into a fun, easy peasy game.”

Step 4
Explain The Game

Now, that you’ve got them all excited about the Pilates Practice Tracker, it’s time to explain how the game works. Don't worry. It’s as easy as A–B–C–D

A) Ask your students to look at the “Pilates Practice Tracker” and draw their first star (provide pencils, and pens) which will be in the Week 1 Day 1 box. This will be a very easy first step for your students and provide a quick win. This step is very important. You see, giving an easy win very early on in a game is what all successful games do. As we all know, the hardest step is always the first one. So, make the first step ridiculously easy. All they have to do is draw a star.

B) Immediately after they’ve drawn their star, tell them that they absolutely must let out a silent (or loud) whoop of joy.

C) Explain the point system by saying something like:

At the beginning of the 6 weeks, everyone is in the black hole. The more “home practices” you do, the brighter your Inner Light becomes. If you do a Pilates practice every day for 6 weeks, you get 42 points and will become a Supernova Star Warrior. Nothing in the Universe shines more brightly than a supernova. Your 6 classes with me count as 6 points. So, with your “6 class points” in the bag, all you need are 36 points to become a Supernova Star Warrior. Oh yes, I almost forgot. There is a very special prize at the end for the students with the most stars.”

D) It’s important to say that you, the Pilates teacher, will also be playing the Pilates Practice Tracer game as well. Knowing that their Pilates teacher is also playing will provide your students with extra motivation to keep playing through the entire 6-week course.

You could up the ante by saying something like: “If anyone has more daily practices than me (maximum is 42), you get the next 6-week course for free.” This has the added bonus of giving you a whole load of wondrous positive motivation to do your “daily practice”. It adds that important ingredient of successful games – curiosity and intrigue. Subconsciously your students will be thinking: “Can I beat my Pilates teacher? Can I get a free 6-week course?

Step 5

Ask your students to add up their points at the end of your 6-week course and put the total in the Total Points Box. Hand out the “You’re A Star” certificate (you'll be given a downloadable certificate) to the “Stars” and “Supernova Stars”. The ones who don’t receive an award will be more motivated during your next 6-week course to get it.


Why the heck did you spend 200 hours creating the 200+ cards? 

Good question! Well, I was only going to create a dozen to print and give to my students. The problem was that they loved the cards and asked for more of them. So, I found myself burning the midnight oil each night for several months creating more of them. Yes, I know. I must be mad! 

Are the cards A4 size? 

Yes. I like to call them "BIG" cards, cause they're big. The beauty of them being A4 size is that they are easy to print, and you'll find that your students like having BIG cards. Small cards tend to get lost and ignored. 

Can I download and print the cards?


Can I edit the cards?

Yes. You'll receive the cards in one MS Word document which you can edit (you'll also receive a PDF).  

Can I edit the cards and then try to sell them? 

Hmmm, that would be no. Nice try though :-) 

How much room on my computer do I need for the flyers?

Not a lot. The zipped file is only 2 Mb.


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George Watts
Creator of the 5 Minute Pilates Challenge Card Game

Pilates teacher

George Watts in Downward Facing Dog

P.S.  I love chatting with my fellow Pilates teachers, so if you have any questions please contact me.

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