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Free Downloadable Bicycle Pilates Exercise Infographic

You can use the Bicycle Pilates Exercise Infographic as a teaching aid or handout for your students.

Free Download
Bicycle Pilates Exercise Infographic 

Click here to download the Bicycle Pilates Exercise Infographic (PNG Image)

How To Teach Bicycle Pilates Pose

Equipment Required: 0

Difficulty: 4 out of 10

Time Required: 5 Minutes per set

Pilates Power-Up 7 Day Challenge: Do 1 to 3 sets a day for 7 days

Steps: 9

  1. Lie flat on back with arms at side.
  2. Straighten legs to ceiling.
  3. Peel spine off floor one vertebrae at a time.
  4. Place hands at top of pelvis (fingers point towards knees).
  5. Split legs with knees straight and toes pointed (legs look like scissors).
  6. Bend front knee towards face.
  7. Pedal front foot away from face.
  8. Straighten knee as you bring the back leg towards face.
  9. Switch directions.
  10. To release, bring both legs together and roll down to start position.

Video Tutorial 

Main Benefits: 2

Increases spine mobility
Core control

Main Precautions: 4

  • Osteoporosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Neck injury
  • Shoulder injury

Easy Modification: Foam Roller

Use foam roller to prop pelvis off ground.

Intermediate Modification: Wide Split

Move legs even further apart into a Wide Split before one leg folds and threads past the other one as it arcs toward the ceiling.

Advanced Modification: Neutral Spine

Don’t bring hips and torso up to shoulder stand. Instead, roll hips up, support them with your hands, but leave hips and torso in a position closer to neutral spine. This requires really good pelvic stabilisation.

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