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Free Downloadable Pilates Leg Floats Infographic

I recently received this question from a member of PilatesLessonPlans.co.uk….

I have a lady in my group who has severe osteoarthritis and finds it difficult to get into 4 point position. I’d thought of using blocks to help but can you think of an alternative?

My answer was…

“Maybe you could give Leg Floats as an alternative. I created an Infographic for you which you can download, print and give to her.” 

Below is the Pilates Leg Floats Infographic that I created for that member. Please feel free to use it as a teaching aid or handout for your students. And if you become a member and would like one of these Infographics created for a Pilates Exercise (so you can give it to one of your students), send me an email. I usually get requests completed within 24 hours. This is a free service for members.

Free Pilates Leg Floats Download
Right click and choose “Save Image As” to download

Pilates Leg Floats

How To Teach Bicycle Pilates Pose

Equipment Required: 0

Difficulty: 2 out of 10

5 Minute Challenge: Practice for 5 minutes

Steps: 4

  1. Pull belly button in and lift knee towards you.
  2. Stop when thigh and leg form a 90 degree angle.
  3. Extend leg away from you as far as you can.
  4. Alternate legs.

Video Tutorial 

Main Benefits: 8

  1. Great tool for teaching beginners important Pilates fundamentals.
  2. Work your deep core muscles.
  3. Teach moving without tension.
  4. Teach maintaining length through the spine.
  5. Engages glutes.
  6. Engages inner thighs.
  7. Engages pelvic floor.
  8. Engages hip rotators.


  1. Lie on a roller for an extra core stability.
  2. Add a cervical curl (like a crunch) as you lift your leg.
  3. Lift two legs at once for a double knee fold.
  4. Sit on a physio ball.

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This post was lovingly brought to you by George. If you have a couple of minutes spare, you might like my Online Pilates Lesson Planner