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Free Downloadable 15-Minute Beginners Pilates Matwork Lesson Plan: Created Using The Pilates Lesson Planner

The free downloadable Beginners Pilates lesson plan (see below) was created by one of our members using the Online Pilates Lesson Planner. There are 100,000+ shared Pilates lesson plans within the planner. And new ones are added every week!

Free Beginners Pilates Matwork Class Download

Each Pilates lesson plan created using the Pilates Lesson Planner has a “Pilates teacher version” (long version with teaching directions), a “student practice sheet” (short version for your students and for you to take into class to teach from), and a “stream version” (video stream of the lesson plan).

Beginners Matwork Pilates Workout: Mobility, Flexibility & Coordination (long version PDF)

Beginners Matwork Pilates Workout: Mobility, Flexibility & Coordination (short version PDF)

Beginners Matwork Pilates Workout: Mobility, Flexibility & Coordination (stream version)

Beginners Matwork Pilates Exercises

Below are some of the exercises within the Beginners Pilates Matwork Class Plan…

Knees To Chest

Lying Trunk Rotation

Adductor Lift + Cinderella Theme 

Adductor Lift

In this lesson plan (that you downloaded above), the peak exercise (the theme of the class) is “Adductor Lift”. I love this exercise because it looks so simple and easy, but is actually a tough nut to crack, and provides a bunch of delectable benefits.

Pilates Adductor Lift And CinderellaI also love Adductor Lifts because the inner thigh muscles get ignored during normal daily activity, which makes them the Cinderella of the body (before the prince saves her from the wicked step-siblings). Because the inner thighs get ignored, it’s crucial to do dedicated exercises for them so they stay in balance with the rest of your lower body and core, helping to stabilise the knee and hip joints.

The good news is that the Adductor Lift also gives the core a nice workout, and the placement of the top leg can provide an extra hip stretch. 

So, to recap, doing Adductor Lifts is like having a wand (similar to the one Cinderella’s fairy godmother has) that can magically transform your inner thighs, which will also work wonders for your knees and hip joints. And maybe Prince Charming (or Princess Charming) notices your lovely, sculpted inner thighs and falls madly in love with you?

Adductor Lift Common Mistakes

Ah yes, I almost forgot. To avoid the wrath of your wicked stepmother, avoid these two common mistakes when practising Addutor Lifts.

Common Mistake 1: Rolling Forward or Back

If you allow your top hip to roll forward toward your bent knee or back behind you, you can be sure that your wicked stepmother will make you wash dishes instead of going to the ball (which means no meeting of Prince or Princess Charming for you).

Common Mistake 2: Not Engaging Your Core

Really? Do I really need to mention this mistake?

The mantra of all Pilates instructors is “engage your core”. So, it would be sacrilege to forget to engage the core during Adductor Lifts. Hmmm, maybe it will help if I explain why engaging the core is a must.

Engaging your core will help you keep your body upright and stable while your adductors work to lift your outstretched leg.

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